Nuit D’Or

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Nuit D’Or

A wee stinker from Burgundy, France. Produced by Delin, a small family run company who concentrate on making several amazing cheeses. Made of cow’s milk, this one for me stands out. Washing the orange and sticky rind evolves the flavour.

The flavour is fruity and a bit yeasty, but it never seems to get too strong. The paste is nice and doughy, the rind is bright orange colour and sticky.

Cheese Profile

FLAVOUR Full Flavour
TASTE Rich and fruity with a slight salty tang on the finish
SMELL Pungent with a bit of a yeasty and musty odour
RIND Soft wet and sticky and remains stuck to your fingers, coppery orange in colour
INTERIOR Soft and doughy with a few small holes in the middle, chalky if younger
FABULOUS Pungent with a sticky rind and the flavour doesn’t linger for too long
FUNKY Slimy rind and the flavour is intense, almost sour and bitter at the same time

Cheese Info

REGION Burgundy
AGED 1 Month
Best way to enjoy
Stinky cheeses are best when left on the counter for a least 1 hour before hand, this gets the flavours going and the texture nice and soft.