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  • Book Launch – The iBook edition of How to Say cheese release date was May 16, 2016.
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How to Say Cheese, is an approachable multi-touch eBook that offers more than reference, this book is loaded with interactivity. Less fromage snob and more cheesy fun! Learn how to pronounce, store and eat unique cheeses from around the globe. How to Say Cheese, offers info on the raw milk debate, where to buy stinky and runny cheese, plus seasonal platter ideas. Scattered throughout the book are dairy animal icons, each with a hidden surprise. Readers say that after exploring this interactive journey, they now feel more confident when approaching a fine cheese counter.


Delightful! ★★★★★
by Moops178 – Dec 9, 2016
This book is to be enjoyed on so many levels. The photography is a visual delight. The cheese knowledge one will gain takes you from its region to pronunciation, to serving it on the table with added recipes to enjoy. If you are a fan of cheese, as most of us are, this book will be a little treasure.

What a great interactive book about cheese! ★★★★★
by ”Z” – Mar 25, 2016
Perfect interactive book for the cheese aficionado or the person who wants to become one! This gem of a book is packed with so many things about the cheeses I truly enjoy…and made me want to try some more! The information provided throughout allowed me to truly appreciate the different types of cheeses, how they are made, and the differences between the flavour and texture. It also gave me great ideas on what foods to pair them with and helped me with the various pronunciations. What a great addition to my digital book collection!

Cheese done right ★★★★★
by DarylFr – Jun 20, 2016
I have to say that this I-BOOK is among the BEST food books that I have purchased in a long time, why you ask, well let me tell you. It tells you how cheese was started. I found this wildly informing only because most, if not all, I did not know. It tells me how a cheese is made and where its make, its origin. The pop-ups are both fun and interesting, Children would love these I’m sure as much as I did. It pairs up some recipe Platters with events, times of the year, and no I did not wait till the Autumn Cottage time, had to try that one now. Yes, this iBOOK is worth your read.

Luxe cheese lovers delight! ★★★★★
by Sprintpixie – Dec 10, 2016
Graphically luxe, this iBook is so much more than a guide on how to pronounce cheese names — it’s the digital coffee table book every turophile or wannabe Cheesemonger wants to flip through. From history to how-to’s and inspired pairing ideas, every major cheese category is covered in such an engaging and visually rich design. There is something in here to learn and savour for everyone from kids to the most well-travelled palate. As a Cheesemonger myself, we could do well with one of these at the counter!


AK Williams is an award-winning author and cheesemaker with a degree in agroforestry. For four years she was the assistant manager at Benton Brothers Fine Cheese on Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada. In 2015 Williams moved to Australia to become a certified cheesemaker and in 2016 won a gold medal for her cloth bound cheddar at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards. She is now an assistant cheesemaker at Cupitt’s Fromagerie on the South Coast of NSW, Australia.

The inspiration for the enhanced eBook came from dinner conversations between roommates Kapitan and Williams. Kapitan was a self-employed web designer and Williams the Assistant Manager of Benton Brothers Fine Cheese on Granville Island in British Columbia, Canada. Granville Island is a thriving Vancouver food market that is host to 11 million visitors a year. Williams would occasionally share work stories about how some people found approaching a cheese counter intimidating.

Williams and Kapitan collaborated virtually for two years on the creation of this ebook when Williams moved to Australia to become a certified cheesemaker. Her debut ebook How to Say Cheese – An Interactive Cheese Journey, has received rave reviews, six prestigious awards, an Inclusion into Simon Fraser Universities’ Personal Library and featured in Celebrating Five Years of iBook Author by Score Publishing.


  • 2018 Bronze –Independent Publisher Ebook Awards for Best eBook Design
  • 2018 Honourable Mention – Writer’s Digest eBook Awards for Nonfiction
  • 2017 Inclusion into Simon Fraser Universities’ Personal Library
  • 2017 Featured in Celebrating Five Years of iBook Author by Score Publishing
  • 2017 Platinum – AVA Digital Awards for best eBook
  • 2017 Bronze – Creativity International Awards for Media & Interaction Design
  • 2017 Gold – Summit Awards for Interactive Media
  • 2017 Platinum – Hermes Creative Awards for best eBook
  • 2017 Gold – Next Generation Indie Book Awards – eBook Non-Fiction
  • 2017 Silver – Global eBook Awards for best Multimedia in an eBook
  • 2017 Finalist – Book Excellence Awards for Best Book Interior
  • 2017 iBook Author Conference
    • Best Use of Interactive Elements In A Multi-Touch Book  
    • Best Book of the Year, Cookbook
    • Best Book of the Year, Photography/Picture Book 
    • Best Book of the Year, Non-Fiction (Overall)
    • Best Book of the Year
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My Work History

  • I graduated from Banger Univerity with a degree in Agroforestry.
  • I came to Canada and worked in the food industry.
  • I worked at Benton Brothers Fine Cheese for 4 years as assistant manager at Granville Island in Vancouver, BC.
  • I have been living my dream as a cheesemaker since July 2015,  apprenticing at Holy Goat Dairy in Australia.
  • I have my pasteurization certification.
  • In 2016, I won a gold medal for my cloth bound cheddar at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards.
  • I am now an assistant cheesemaker at Cupitt’s Fromagerie on the South Coast of NSW, Australia.
  • Learn more and see videos on my ABOUT PAGE

How to Say Cheese ebook publishing timeline

  • I started brainstorming about the book with Bee Kapitan in January 2014.
  • We spent two years writing, editing and revising with my Canadian editor Cynthia Sharp. I worked with my Tasmanian editor Jean Bailey on the history of cheese. The final reference with Canadian Editor Carolyn Affleck and iPad tester Lini Hutchings.
  • Many thanks to Benton Brothers Fine Cheese as we took 100’s of photos of the cheese featured in the book.
  • I recorded the cheese pronunciations in Vancouver with sound engineers Darnell Plesant and Logan Kula.
  • We finished the book in April 2016.
  • I dedicated this book to my Mum and pleased she was able to see it published just before she passed away from Cancer.
  • Book launch on Apple iBooks store on May 16, 2016.

Fun AK Williams Facts

  • I speak fluent German.
  • I’ve travelled to over 20 countries.
  • Before moving to Australia, I started experimenting making cheese in my apartment fridge.
  • I snorkel for lobster and sea urchins at Mollymook beach.
  • I love walk-and-talks, yoga, cooking from scratch and gardening.
  • I am a true cat lady.

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