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Agro-Forestry BSC
Bangor University – United Kingdom.

Summary of My Cheese Journey
I am living many of my cheese dreams. I began my journey as a cheesemonger, working several years in Vancouver, Canada. In 2015, I moved countries to intern at a Holy Goat Dairy in Sutton Grange. Within that year, I relocated to Tasmania and became a certified, award-winning cheesemaker. Along the way, I published an iBook, How to Say Cheese. Now, I’m an assistant cheesemaker at Cupitt’s Fromagerie on the South Coast of NSW, Australia.

Being an Author of a book for the iPad is something that has been two+ years in the making. My best friend Bee Kapitan designed the digital book in addition to taking hundreds of pictures. Together we did many hours of research, taking photos and tasting amazing cheese to create this labour of love. I dedicated this book to my Mum and pleased she was able to see it published just before she passed away from Cancer.

The interactive book highlights 29 fine cheese producers from around the globe including audio pronunciations of each cheese name. Click the iPad to download a free sample.

Paths to the Present

For four years, I worked as the Assistant Manager of Benton Brothers Fine Cheese on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC Canada. This position fueled my passion for the cheese industry extending my knowledge of its producers and the production techniques from different cultures.

Canadian Video Appearances

BC At the Table Dairy – Timestamp 7:32  – BC Dairy

CBC Financial News – Cheese-smuggling scheme alleged – CBC News Vancouver at 6

Volunteering in Canada

From 2013-2015, I volunteered with a Vancouver charity called Growing Chefs. Chefs for Children’s Urban Agriculture is a non-profit society that brings local chefs and growers into elementary schools to teach kids about food, cooking, and gardening. This experience is not only rewarding, but a personal duty to inspire today’s youth with food security skills and knowledge.

Growing Chefs -Vancouver Growing Chefs – TELUS Optik Local

Cheesemonger to Cheesemaker

My internship of six months at Sutton Grange Organic Farm that featured weekly farmers markets in Melbourne, Australia, was nothing short of amazing. I miss being with the hard-working and talented people who contribute to the success of this exceptional producer. I especially miss all the cute goats.

It was an honour being a cheesemaker for an award-winning producer with generations of high standards for producing exceptional Australian dairy products. This is where my one of my 40lb wheels of clothbound cheddar won the 2016 gold award for Pyganna Dairy in Tasmania.


Cupitt’s Fromagerie

I’m an assistant cheesemaker at Cupitt’s Fromagerie on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. Cupitt Fromagerie Cheeses are sold from our cellar door which is open Wednesday-Sunday from 10am-5pm. Read more about Cupitt’s Tour and Taste Experience.

  • Bouche – (goats’ milk) Fresh cheese, delicate and tangy.
  • Brie – (cows’ milk) Oozy paste, mushroomy, buttery and sweet
  • Tomme – (goats’ milk) Semi-hard, flavours of burnt caramel, subtle fruit and nutty tones with a closed paste.
  • Crottin – (goats’ milk) Fluffy texture with ripe edges and earthy characters.
  • Flor Azul – (goats’ milk)- A Blue Cheese -salty with a mild flavour and creamy texture.


White Wash Magazine Feature

White Wash Issue #07Published on Nov 30, 2017
Milton Ulladulla Lifestyle Magazine based on the South Coast of NSW.

White Wash Magazine

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