2nd Day of Cheese – Red Leicester

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Red Leicester

Red Leicester can be a Kosher cheese. There are various styles of Red Leicester including a blend with Indian chutney mixed into the cheese.

“Leicestershire” refers to the region in England where this cheese is from, and it’s a hard word for many folks to pronounce. The English themselves shortened the spelling of the cheese to “Leister” and the pronunciation to “Lester”.


During WW2, food colouring agents were banned, so “Red” was dropped from the name and the cheese suddenly sported a glowing white interior.

Cheese Profile

TASTE Sweet caramel with a slight hint of earthiness.
SMELL Faint barnyardy aroma with sweet notes of mushroom and caramel finish.
RIND Peel off the brown cloth before eating. The edible rind is reddish-orange with a powdery mould on it.
INTERIOR Firm fudge-like texture, and scattered with irregular small holes. The colour is bright orange due to the addition of annatto. Sometimes small blue veins are present, which add flavour.
FABULOUS Firm texture with a sweet earthy aroma. Dry, dark-coloured cloth on the outside.
FAR-GONE Edges soft and brown, sour damp musty smell and slightly bitter taste.
Best way to enjoy
 Grated or cubed, a nice Cheddar alternative that melts smoothly into sauces, adds colour to any cheeseboard and is a yummy addition to salads.

Cheese Info

COUNTRY United Kingdom
REGION Leicestershire
AGED 3- 6 Months
PRODUCER Long Clawson Dairy

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