11th Day of Cheese – Beemster Gouda

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Beemster Gouda

Matured for more than two years, this cheese retains a creamy mouth feel yet has a firm and crumbly texture. Deep caramel notes and mouthwatering crunchy crystals surprise the palate to make this variety a coveted favourite. The co-op producing Beemster is a member of the Caring Dairy and is also produced in the USA.

Cheese Profile

FLAVOUR Full Flavoured
TASTE Flavours of butterscotch and caramel with a sweet nutty finish.
SMELL Sweet and nutty.
RIND To stop mould growth the 10.5 (23 pound) wheels of Beemster XO (extra old) are encased in plastic.
INTERIOR Dense and firm, but still soft enough to bite. Thickly scattered with small protein crystals and occasional small holes. The paste is a rich orange that is darker towards the edges.
FABULOUS Bright orange colour with a hard texture speckled with little crunchy bits.
FAR-GONE If stored improperly after cutting, it becomes hard and rocky, still tasty but difficult to bite.

Best way to enjoy
Shave over a mixed green salad. Enjoy on a tea party platter with roasted cashew nuts and hot cup of Early Grey tea. The bergamot oil in the tea cleanses the palate.

Cheese Info

REGION Beemster
AGED 26 Months
PRODUCER Beemster.us

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