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Free for a limited time, AK Williams, award-winning Author and Cheese Maker, invites you to download this book with the goal of trying at least one of the fine cheeses listed without intimidation. 

Share this book with your local cheesemonger to research similar artisan cheeses available in your area.

How to Say Cheese is a multi-award-winning enhanced eBook that offers more than reference, it’s loaded with gooey cheese photos and entertaining interactivity. Less fromage snob and more cheesy fun! 


Cheese as a Wedding Cake

Recently two good friends of mine asked me translate their entire wedding event into German for the bride’s parents. Although I was honored to do so, I found it a bit daunting as I had not spoken German publicly in about 20 years.

I like to think it went pretty well. The number one compliment – “Haven’t a clue what you were saying but it sounded F***** amazing.”

Being a cheesemaker, I jumped at the challenge to make a quality cheese wedding cake especially for Nick and Nadja’s reception. All six cheeses were made by me within the last few months at Cupitt’s Fromagerie. This delicious creation  is good example that an amazing cheese wedding cake does not have to cost a fortune. 

  1. Top – A 2-month old Caprino Romano (goats milk)
  2. Second: Flor Azul blue (cows milk)
  3. Third: Caciotta with Saffron (goats milk)
  4. Fourth: Lybian rubbed in olive oil (goats milk)
  5. Fifth: Valençay (goats milk)
  6. Six: Croobyar (cows milk) 

This cake of tasty love is just under $200.00 AUS. By adding edible flowers, you can customize your cheese wedding cake to match your colour theme.

I list edible flowers that pair well with cheese in my ebook, How to Say Cheese.

Holiday Cheese Platter ideas – Roquefort


Best way to enjoy
Combine with pears, dried figs, walnuts and honey. Mix with butter to spread on fresh bread.

Cheese Profile

FLAVOUR Full Flavoured
TASTE Strong spicy, salty flavour followed by a rich creaminess.
SMELL Pleasant and earthy.
RIND Rindless, wrapped in foil to stop bad mould.
INTERIOR The paste is bright white, dense yet soft and creamy, with many small caverns coated with blue/green mould (Penicillin Roqueforti)
FABULOUS Firm yet soft, but not wet, filled with cavities covered in soft velvety grey-green mould
FAR-GONE Extra mould growing on the surface with a smell similar to hydrogen peroxide (bleach) Slimy texture and excess liquid, especially when wrapped in plastic for long periods of time.

You will never see a whole wheel
 of Roquefort in your local store as producers cut the wheel in half to ensure the correct amount of blue. Click on the video below to see a preview of the Roquefort reveal widget inside the ebook “How to Say Cheese”.


Cheese Info

REGION Aveyeron
AGED 5 Months
3 Weeks in a cave
PRODUCER Roquefort Carles

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iBook Author Conference – Book of the Year

How to Say Cheese by Author AK Williams, has won five IBA Awards including Best Book of the Year at the iBook Author Conference on October 12th, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The iBA Awards and Conference recognizes and celebrates creative achievements. A panel of judges ranked the Finalists based on their own evaluations of merit, and the highest-ranking works in each iBA Awards category.

The metrics evaluated the quality of content, general usability (which includes design elements), and creativity. Celebrating its 3rd year, the iBA’s has firmly established itself as the premier arbiter of creative excellence and honours the best of the best in iBooks Author, voted on by iBooks Author users.


How to Say Cheese – An Interactive Cheese Journey  
The enhanced ebook made for the iPad has won iBA Awards for the following categories:

  • Best Use of Interactive Elements In A Multi-Touch Book for the Roquefort Reveal on Page 93
  • Best Book of the Year, Cookbook
  • Best Book of the Year, Photography/Picture Book 
  • Best Book of the Year, Non-Fiction (Overall)
  • Best Book of the Year

How to Say Cheese Wins New York 1st Prize


How to Say Cheese, by A.K. Williams and Bee Kapitan (Interactive Bee Media)

The Next Generation Indie Book Awards is the largest Not-for-Profit book awards program for indie authors and independent publishers. In its eleventh year of operation, the Next Generation Indie Book Awards was established to recognize and honour the most exceptional independently published books in over 70 different categories, for the year, and is presented by Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group ( ) in cooperation with Marilyn Allen of Allen O’Shea Literary Agency.



#CheeseLover – Ibores

Welcome to How to Say Cheese

Think of me as your virtual cheesemonger inviting you to explore fine cheese selections without the intimidation. Trying new flavours and food should be fun.

Each week, I am sharing some of my favourite cheese selections or tasty discoveries from around the world. I encourage you to visit your local fine cheese counter and ask for a sample.

If you are seeking more platter inspiration with awesome photos, sign up for my monthly cheese newsletter and I will automatically provide you with a FREE pdf download of delicious cheese platter ideas.


Cheese Profile

FLAVOUR Full-flavoured
TASTE A mild goat flavour with a sweet lactic finish. Older wheels will have more bite.
SMELL Fresh, lactic, and goaty.
RIND Rubbed in olive oil and pimentón (smoked paprika) creates an ochre to a bright red rind.
INTERIOR Firm but not dry, it’s buttery yet still crumbles. The paste is bright ivory with random tiny holes.
FABULOUS A dry rind, white interior with a firm texture and fresh flavours.
FAR-GONE Without too much trouble any surface blue mould can be removed and the cheese still enjoyed.

Best way to enjoy
Dipped in chocolate! Tossed into a beet salad or arrange on a movie-night snack plate with lentil crackers and bagel chips. 

Cheese Info

REGION Navarre
AGED 2 – 10 Months
PRODUCER FLor de las villuercas

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